Pietro Zardini



Pietro Zardini Amarone

Production zone: Valpolicella
Soil:  prevalently red and brown soils on detritus, marl and basalt 
Wine production  ca. 80 q. per Hectar 
Grape blend: Corvina 70% – Rondinella 20% – Molinara 5% – other 5%
Harvest:  particulary selected grapes from high hillside vineyards, picked by hand into trays 
Production methods: grapes are dried for 3-4 months, traditional fermentation o the skins with maceration for 4-5 weeks 
Ageing: in oak barrel and barriques for 3 years and then in steel
Alcool: 15% vol.
Colour:  intense ruby red with garnet tingers 
Bouquet:  wraply, vanilla-flavoured with shading of coffee, cacao and spices 
Taste:  full-bodied, give to the palate alcoholic little fruits and chocolate
Consumption: within 10-12 years at 18- 20° temperature 
Foods combinations: Red meat, Fiorentina, deer, wild boar, seasoned cheese, a wine for meditation and perfect for gathering around the hearth




Production zone:Valpolicella
Soil: prevalently red and brown soils on detritus, marl and basalt 
Wine production:ca. 120 q.li per Hectar
Grape blend: Corvina 65% – Rondinella 25% – Molinara 10%
Harvest: by hand, with best selection of clusters 
Production methods: traditional vinification on the skins with maceration in tank for 15-20 days 
Ageing: in oak barrel for 8/10 months and then in steel
Alcohol: 12.5% vol.
Colour:lively ruby red with some garnet tinges 
Bouquet: velvety, elegant with hints of dry fruits and hay 
Taste: rich, full-bodied and supple
Consumption: within 4 years at 16°-18°C temperature 
Food combinations: grilled red meat, pasta with sauce, fermented cheeses




Production zone: betweeen Peschiera and Desenzano, South Garda Lake 
Soil:cretaceous, clayey 
Wine production:ca. 100 q.li per Hectar
Grape blend:Trebbiano of Lugana
Harvest: selection of best clusters 
Production methods: skin maceration, soft pressing and fermentation of must at controlled temperatures 
Ageing: in stainless steel for a short period, 2-3 months
Alcohol:12.5% vol.
Colour: pale straw yellow with green tinges 
Bouquet: intense, rich with hints of peach and citrus fruits 
Taste:fresh, full-bodied and delicate
Consumption: within 2 years at 12-14 °C temperature 
Foods combinations: fish starters, white meat, fosh risotto, eggs dishes, light dishes

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